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We are in the office from 8am to 9pm daily. If we happen to be out of the office we are always on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 10 minutes away, even holidays! 


Have a questions or need assistance after hours? We are available by phone 24/7. Call us at (936) 760-9090

  1. After You’ve Been Arrested

    Call Johnnie Dishongh Bail Bond’s as soon as you get to a phone. We will need your full name, date of birth, and social security number. We will be able to 3-way you with a loved one to get the process working on our end.
    It’s up to you and the Sheriff Deputies regarding how fast you get booked in and booked out of jail.
    Some tips to get booked in and booked out as fast as possible are
    1. Be nice and courteous
    2. Use your ma’am’s and sir’s
    3. Don’t talk back
    4. Don’t be loud
    5. Don’t act out
    6. If you treat the officers with respect they will in-turn treat you with respect also.
    7. Do not curse at them.
    The more you act like an ass the longer it will take for them to finalize your paperwork and book you in or out. The county has up to 72 hours to book you in and 72 hours to book you out.
  2. Bail Bond Hearing

    After your arrest you’ll be fingerprinted and booked into the jail. This can take several hours at some times. If you are arrested before 6:30 AM and have not posted bond you will be taking to probable cause court to see the judge. The Judge will then review your charges and determine where to set the bail amount. Some factors that determine the total bail amount include the Public standing, flight risk, severity of the charges, and Bail schedules.

  3. Warrant

    If you suspect you have a warrant you can call our office and we can do a free warrant check for you anytime of day.
  4. Go Home

    Once we have all the necessary information and payment terms have been accepted and agreed on with you and your co-signer we will post your bail. Co-signer paperwork can be filled out online. The co-signer will need to come in to the office to sign and get paperwork notarized.
    When you are released from jail you will be handed a set of papers you will then need to come straight to our office. We will need to make copies of the paper work the jail gave you and you will also have paperwork to fill out. We will then advise you on what you have to do within the next 24 hours.