Defendant Packet


Keep in mind, once submitted you will need to print, sign, and have the packet notarized. For the quickest response, contact us immediately after you have submitted your information

Defendent Packet

Release Information

I do hereby authorize Johnnie M. Dishongh Bail Bonds / Affordable Bail Bonds or it’s investigators to gather any information that is needs should this bond be forfeited.

This will include but not exclude:

Credit reports, Marriage, and Divorce records, Employment History, Credit Card Records, Phone Records, and any other information that may be needed by the bonding company or its investigators to locate and arrest the defendant on this bond.
I also authorize the Bond Company Investigators to enter and search any residence listed on this bond belonging to the defendant and or the co-signer.
I also agree to hold harmless the Bond Company and the investigators who have to search for the person who forfeits this bond.

This release of information is made without duress and is understood by the person named above and consent is given willingly.

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